Leonard Education Organization (LEO)



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Founded2015
LE.O is committed to the young women and men of The West Bank, Lebanon, Gaza, Jordan and beyond. They are dedicated to the work of empowering thoughtful, driven and brilliant Palestinian students to transcend poverty, violence and under-resourced schools to pursue their dreams of Higher Education. Their Mission is to help prepare Palestine’s future scientists, policymakers, educators and entrepreneurs. They believe that Education and Cultural Exchange is the essential path to Peace, Stability and Development. Established as a new non-profit organization in August 2015, they serve bright young Palestinians, women and men, from the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan by securing and managing scholarships to American colleges and universities. They enhance personal development through guidance and academic mentoring. As a 501.c.3 charitable educational foundation they work in partnership with U.S. colleges, businesses, host families and relief organizations to make their mission a reality.

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