Knowledge is power in law and business But harnessing that power has become complicated. Digital technology progresses, data volume explodes, and you scramble to keep pace. When you need relief, turn to experts on finding, curating and organizing information— the librarians, researchers and other professionals at LibSource. Creators of Library as a Service For agile library support, research and other knowledge management needs, turn to Library as a Service. Our people will fill gaps and extend your reach as needed for special projects, virtual research and reference services, operational support or outsourcing of libraries and information centers. Research on-demand by people you would hire yourself (if only you could) For case law, competitive intelligence, intellectual property and other legal information needs, discover research on-demand from LibSource. Our team is vetted for the experience, education and expertise you require, and our systems have bank-grade security for client confidentiality. Get the gist from our brief video and then give us a call to discuss how we can help you.   What Library as a Service can do for you: - Access to a skilled team of research and knowledge service professionals - Increased efficiency and innovation through best-practice guidance and insights -Greater freedom and agility to respond to markets, clients and other conditions -Savings through economies of scale and just-in-time delivery of information services -Develop your knowledge advantage to excel in the information economy

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