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Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District

Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District, Inc (LPCCD) is a non-profit 501C (3) organization with a mission to plan, design and build a comprehensive arts and cultural district in the Lincoln Park/Coast area of the City of Newark, New Jersey. Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) is transforming Lincoln Park, an 11-acre, four-block site dominated by brownfield site into a “green” arts and cultural district. Plans for the arts and cultural district include sustainable mixed-income housing units, annual music festivals and historic restoration projects.  LPCCD is creating a sustainable community with sustainable housing, cultural programming, urban agriculture and green job creation. LPCCD emerged out of meetings with local residents, civic leaders, business people and the city administration that were coordinated in the late 1990s by the Regional Plan Association.  This process identified a desire to develop and pursue a vision for the neighborhood that would build upon its rich cultural heritage and open space.  A charette held in 1999 gave more shape to this vision and ultimately lead, in 2002, to the independent establishment of LPCCD.  LPCCD submitted a redevelopment plan to the City of Newark for creating a cultural district.  This plan was approved by the Newark City Council and has guided the pursuit of a set of programming and redevelopment projects that are underway today.
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