About LLC FINA is a software development and consulting company established in 2006 in Georgia. Their main preference is to earn your trust through their commitment and integrity extending maximum value and striving to exceed your expectations. LLC FINA owns a ~150 square meter office in the center of Tbilisi (Capital of Georgia). The company is equipped with up-to-date computer hardware. The basic software platform has a high degree of standardization and a wide range of specialized software and is used for system design, development, quality assurance, project management, and reporting. LLC FINA has 3 type of servers: Development, QA/testing and other consulting purposes (web server, financial server, etc.). FINA pays special attention to business reliability, continuity and IT-security. We are using following Project management infrastructures: Jira - as Agile Development Project Management tool - as a source code GIT repository. - as File Release system; Jenkins - as Build Management; Google Apps - For E-mails, docs and other services.
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    Company Offices

    • Georgia
    • Tbilisi
    • Zhiuli Shartava str 40 9th Floor, Room 913 0160