Four specialized partners under one roof. The entire product range from modern precious metal investment to classic numismatics to logistics services and security solutions at various locations from a single source - that's the LPM Group. These affiliated companies see themselves as a competence center for all aspects of investing in precious metals. The interest in this investment has increased sharply in recent years and has therefore increased the need for different storage and warehouses. Also, the demand for storage outside the banking sector is growing steadily. For this reason, the companies grouped together in the LPM Group enable the purchase and sale of precious metals as well as secure storage in a high-security warehouse outside the banking sector and have built a unique alternative in one of the safest locations in Europe, in Liechtenstein. In Hong Kong, precious metals can also be traded and stored. From these locations precious metal transports can be carried out worldwide. The combined activities of all four companies affiliated to the LPM Group thus cover the entire range of services.

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