The acronym "Lukuru" is derived from the names of the two major water routes within the original Lukuru Project zone, the Lukenie and the SankuruRivers.   It was born in 1992 through the ideology of the ethnic groups living within the Lukuru Project domain who continue to maintain their ancestral taboo against consuming bonobo meat, their traditional conservation practices of protecting special species recognized by their ancestors, and the encouragement of our Executive Director. The Lukuru Foundation is a unique administrative platform.  Its synergistic organizational structure supports efforts of strong, like-minded, great ape-conservation field projects within forest habitat of the République Démocratique du Congo (RDC). The broad sweep of our Foundation's program objectives encompass the scientific study, documentation, and preservation of targeted great ape populations, as well as sympatric species of conservation concern and/or scientific importance.

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  • Congo, The Democratic Republic of (headquarters)
  • Kinshasa
  • 1235 Avenue des Poids Lourds / Quartier de Kingabois Commune de la Gombe