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Lurimi sh.p.k.

Lurimi sh.p.k Main activities are in the field of construction, production and marketing of timber, design and use of forests, marketing of various items; wholesale and retail of various industrial items in different fields; different machineries and equipment; soil works, systematization, terrain terraces, private and public constructions, water supply and sewerage construction; reconstruction of private and public facilities, drainage works construction, soil watering and watering plants, road construction; studies and design of forest works; design of management plans of forests, tourism and pasture hunting; design of afforestation projects; design of forest treatment projects; design of projects for the sustainable use of forests; design of projects for basins management; study of biodiversity and forest genetic reserves; ecosystem of protected areas, national parks, afforestation (seedling, treatment of forest seed, preparatory work and seedling planting); improvement of forest, works in pastures, valleys, etc.
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