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Maciel Earthmoving and Landfill (Maciel Terraplenagem e Aterro Sanitário)

Familiar and 100% national company, the history of the Maciel Group began in 1980 with the earthmoving service, which consolidated the experience of Maciel, serving as a base for the expansion of the Group in other services related to its area of ​​operation. Headquartered in Jundiaí, a strategic city in the interior of São Paulo from a logistics point of view for Latin America, the Maciel Group also has expertise in sanitary landfills and also in the trading and leasing of machinery and equipment, in line with the vision of the Group of social and sustainable responsibility, which has followed the business since its foundation. Currently, with a subsidiary in Caieiras, the Maciel Group is recognized for its infrastructure in serving the public and private sectors and the technical knowledge of its team of engineers and professionals prepared for the specifics of each work, be it small, medium or large. Punctuality, price and competence in the execution of the works also reflect the credibility deposited with the Group, allowing it to operate in renowned and trustworthy companies throughout the national territory in earthmoving, mechanized excavation, material transportation, compacted landfill, highway opening, , cleaning among others.
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Company Offices

  • Brazil
  • Jundiai
  • Rodovia Anhanguera, Km 62,5