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Maine Coast Fisherman’s Association (MCFA)



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  • HeadquartersUnited States
The Maine Coast Fishermen's Association is an industry-led nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of the community-based, inshore fishermen of Maine. The fishermen who formed MCFA brought together their voices under the common goal of protecting and restoring Maine's fishing heritage. MCFA is an industry-led non-profit that advocates on behalf of the community-based, inshore fishermen of Maine. They provide a voice for the men and women working on the water who cannot attend every meeting or read every document necessary to fully engage with the complex issues and decision-making processes that impact their businesses, communities, and marine environment. They relays information between fishermen, policy makers, and community members, ensuring that the the unique concerns and needs of Maine's fishermen are heard and respected. The goal is to ensure that Maine's fishing communities can thrive today, tomorrow, and into the future. As such, MCFA engages in numerous research, education, and outreach projects directed by the needs of the fishing communities.   

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