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Mancala provides advice to decision makers on how to design, formulate and implement more efficient and effective public policies. It is committed to generating inclusive political and economic institutions. It aims to contribute to the efforts, endured by middle and low income countries, to build a fairer society, reducing social and economic inequality. The way in which administrations manage and provide services to their citizens is one of the fundamental elements on which to sustain sustainable and inclusive growth. However, in contexts where institutions are weak, it is common to find weaknesses in the capacities of public administrations to formulate, execute, and evaluate their policies. There is also the need for these organizations to be able to promote and manage the organizational change that allows them to generate incentives and opportunities for progress. Our support is based on a premise of work based on knowledge, adapting the theory and good international practices to the contexts in which we work. The purpose is to achieve inclusive, efficient administrations and institutions, From Mancala, they provide advice on the formulation of programs, the design of planning and monitoring frameworks for policies, programs and projects, the adoption of the results-based management approach, the preparation of national and sectoral planning documents and the management of institutional change.  

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Programme for Support to Inclusive Public Policies in Africa (APIA)

Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) - Spain