Maslaha aims to change and challenge the conditions that create inequalities for Muslim communities. They combine creativity with practical work and strategic thinking to tackle social issues in areas such as health, education and the criminal justice system. They recognise that social issues sit within an ecology of interconnected factors. These factors can be stakeholders or social needs for instance, but also culture, religion and local context.  After a number of years working in different social issues such as health, education, the criminal justice system, gender equality, and the arts, Maslaha has built up a complex picture of how different inequalities affect Muslim communities and the areas where they overlap. The past few years have seen a heightened focus on Muslim communities and Islam across the UK and abroad. The combination of terrorist attacks, war, political decisions about how to tackle radicalisation have all shaped with an intense pace how Muslims are portrayed and regarded in wider society.    The levels of social deprivation and inequality, however, continue to grow. Practical initiatives that can create systemic change, remain absent. Approach They combine creative technology (such as film, animation, music and a strong online presence) with everyday action and engagement, finding new ways to connect and communicate. They believe access to knowledge is fundamental – without it they cannot learn, improve the lives, or understand the lives of others.  The ideas are fuelled by the wide range of skills, and are backed up by the intellectual rigour and expertise provided by the network of advisors, supporters and friends. 
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