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Maternity Waiting Homes Alliance (MWHA)

The Maternity Waiting Homes Alliance is a collaboration between Boston University, Right to Care Zambia, the University of Michigan and Africare.  THEIR MISSION The Alliance aims to contribute to the growing body of global evidence on the impact of Maternity Waiting Homes (MWHs) on improving access to delivery services and improving maternal and neonatal outcomes. Between 2015 and 2018, the Alliance built 24 well-resourced MWHs next to high-quality health facilities across rural Zambia and assessed their impact on pregnancy and delivery outcomes. The Alliance also mapped and visited all MWHs in Liberia constructed since 2010 to identify essential components of a scalable MWH model for the country. The Alliance aims to share evidence from its research to inform the development of future maternal health policies and strategies, and advocate for the scale up of the maternity waiting home model throughout sub-Saharan Africa and in other parts of the world where pregnant women do not have access to maternal health services.
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