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Max Planck Society for Infectious Diseases (Max-Planck-Institut fur Infektionsbiologie)

Profile and mission Infectious diseases continue to be the leading cause of death worldwide. Almost a third of all deaths caused by infectious diseases are caused by the "Big Three", AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. On the one hand, new pathogens have appeared recently, the immense sociomedical significance of which has already been established (e.g. Helicobacter) or is obvious (e.g. Chlamydia). Vaccines against all of these pathogens are not yet available. The possibilities of traditionally developed vaccines are largely exhausted. On the other hand, the development of new antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs is in constant competition with the spread of pathogen resistance. Interdisciplinary research into the molecular and cellular basis of infections enables the targeted development of new therapeutic and prophylactic measures. Fundamental research into infection processes is therefore not only able to clarify fundamental questions of biomedicine, but also to make a contribution to health-related problems of the future.
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