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Measurement Matters

About Us Measurement Matters is a social, environmental and financial value measurement and management organization based in Bogota, Colombia. Our mission is to support our partners and clients in identifying, measuring and managing the total value of their activities and portfolio. We are passionate about understanding, systematizing, and integrating social value metrics into operations. This way, we make sure that our partners and clients maximize their impact and receive the highest social return for their investment. We are researchers and adventurers; we go wherever necessary to fulfill our mission. We do not judge; we work with everyone, we listen and empathize with our clients and stakeholders to provide them with the best possible product. We believe that, through empathy, rigorous analysis and comprehensive management of social, environmental and economic value, lasting and sustainable social transformation can be achieved. Our vision is to create and leverage meaningful relationships across sectors to solve difficult social and environmental problems, using innovative impact measurement, capacity building techniques and innovative financing mechanisms to maximize mutually beneficial partnerships that will promote sustainable development; substantiate and strengthen the benefits and impact of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.
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