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MedCities Association

The Mediterranean network of cities MedCities helps empower Mediterranean local governments to achieve their strategic priorities, believing them to play a vital role in improving the lives of citizens. It is a Mediterranean voice for local authorities and builds their capacity to meet the challenges of local governance in a sustainable way. MedCities has four principal fields of activity: developing and implementing projects  sharing knowledge and building expertise in local authorities  facilitating cooperation and multilateral action between municipalities and metropolitan areas  participating in regional and international political processes The development of MedCities MedCities was established in 1991 in Barcelona when 16 cities formed a network with the purpose, initially, of supporting environmental protection from a local perspective. In 2015, the network became a fully independent organization and now brings together more than 50 local authorities from all shores of the Mediterranean basin. The transformation of MedCities into a legal association has increased its operational capacity and enhanced its ability to promote urban sustainable development 1991 - Creation of the MedCities network 1992 - Marseille Presidency of MedCities 1996 - Metropolitan area of Barcena Assumes General Secretariat of MedCities 2002 - Rome Presidency of MedCities 2011 - Creation of Knowledge Transfer Centres (KTC) 2013 - MedCities members vote to form a legal association. Tétouan Presidency of MedCities 2016 - 25th anniversary of MedCities 2017 - MedCities becomes operational as a legal association
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