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Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific

About MOWCAP The Asia/Pacific Regional Committee for the Memory of the World Program (MOWCAP) brings together people from the Asia and the Pacific region to pursue the MoW Program’s objectives. The MoW Program was launched by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1992. MOWCAP was set up in 1998 during its First MOWCAP General Meeting held in Beijing, China. MOWCAP embraces the Asia Pacific region of 43 countries – one of five UNESCO regions across the globe. Features of the region include: -Wide political, linguistic and cultural diversity, and great economic disparity. There are many developing countries in the region including Small Island Developing States (SIDS) -The world’s largest and smallest countries – China has a population of 1.4 billion and Niue, 1600. -The tyranny of distance – much of the region is ocean, and many countries are islands making communication and travel costly. -Cultures of great richness and antiquity, but many nation states are relatively young in their present form. A general history of colonization creates issues in the repatriation of documentary heritage. -Archives, libraries and museums can lack adequate funds, infrastructure and skills. MOWCAP is a cooperative structure through which people in the region can be brought together to pursue the objectives of the MOW Program.
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