Men for the Equality of Men and Women (MEW)


  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded1999
HISTORY MEW was launched in 1999 when several human rights activists came together to organize The March of Men to End Violence against Women and Girls. This march took place in Nairobi on 28th March 1999 with the support of UNIFEM and several local organisations, including the Kenya Human Rights Commission. Women’s rights organizations welcomed MEW’s initiative to end discrimination and domination of women. Indeed, women joined the march in great numbers. It was not about condemning men but holding them accountable for what goes wrong between them and women. Since 1999, women’s struggle for equality has generated a lot of positive results. MEW works to mobilize men to respond to these gains and transform themselves to create equitable gender relations.  PHILOSOPHY The philosophy of MEW is that:  1. Men and women are born equal 2. Inequality is the result of flawed socialization  3. MEW can do something to nurture equality by improving the socialization process.  Thus, MEW is committed to change men's attitudes and behaviour by redefining manhood in the socialization process with a view to achieving harmonious and equitable relationship with women.

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