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  • Founded1953
MEDA is an association of Christians in business and the professions committed to addressing human needs around the world through business-oriented economic development programs, and to applying biblical teachings in the marketplace. MEDA members share their faith, abilities and resources so that all may utilize their abilities to earn a livelihood, provide for their families and enrich their communities. WE BELIEVE that the best way to help poor people escape poverty is by building sustainable, locally-owned institutions and businesses that are not dependent on charity for survival. WE VALUE innovation, and promote entrepreneurial and business-oriented solutions to poverty. Like the visionary entrepreneurs who founded MEDA in 1953, we are willing to take risks to test new ideas that have potential to help poor people improve their lives. WE SERVE the working poor. Most of the world's poor today are employed-working hard, but just barely getting by. Many of them own their own small businesses. They do not need food, clothing or shelter. What they need is a loan, or marketing or technological assistance, so they can improve their businesses and increase their incomes. This gives them more money to spend on their families, grow their businesses and enrich their communities. WE HELP by removing obstacles that prevent poor people from improving their businesses and their lives. These obstacles include lack of affordable loans, lack of investment, and lack of access to technological and marketing assistance. In North America, one of the main obstacles facing low income people is a lack of affordable business training programs. Affordable loans. In the developing world, lack of affordable loans prevents poor people from escaping poverty. Although they may only need $100, local banks won't lend to them-they are seen as too high a risk for repayment. That's where MEDA comes in; we set up microfinance institutions that provide loans of $500 to $3,000 so poor entrepreneurs can buy tools or equipment, purchase inventory or bid on contracts. Investment. It is almost impossible for people in the developing world to attract the capital they need to start new ventures. Through the Sarona Global Investment Fund we help them find the money they need to get new ventures off the ground, or to grow and strengthen existing businesses. Technological and marketing assistance. Poor people often cannot afford to make the improvements that will help them succeed in business. MEDA provides assistance that will help them increase production, improve the quality of products that are made or grown and help them find new markets for their products. Business Training. In North America, there is a lack of affordable business training for low income people who want to start their own businesses. We address this need through ASSETS, which offers a 13-week practical training course so they can start or grow their own small businesses.

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