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Both the cultural branch of the Consulate General of Mexico in New York and a US not-for-profit organization, The Mexican Cultural Institute is committed to generating awareness of the richness, dynamism and cultural diversity of Mexico as a plural and creative nation. The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York supports and develops programs that foster a better understanding of their country through the promotion of its arts and culture. Their goals include making sure that their activities have a high and lasting impact among all the multiethnic and multicultural communities in the New York City area.  The Institute aims to generate interest among the Mexican communities in the Tri-State area by presenting Mexico’s most relevant artistic expressions ranging from the Pre-Columbian period to  contemporary art. Every year, The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York works hard to organize music concerts, performances by dance ensembles, art exhibitions presenting Mexican artists living in both Mexico and New York, film screenings, book presentations, and participate in festivals such as Celebrate Mexico Now, Latin Beat, The New York Film Festival, and Lincoln Center’s Out Of Doors festival. They also partner with prestigious institutions, conferences, and festivals such as The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim Museum, El Museo del Barrio, The New Museum, Americas Society, Instituto Cervantes, The King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, The Museum of Arts and Design, The New York Botanical Garden, The Jewish Museum, The New York Art Book Fair, PINTA: The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Fair, The Annual Conference of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP), LARK Playwright Development Center, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, among many others. The creation of the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York can be traced back directly to the most comprehensive and celebrated exposition of Mexican art ever presented. The exhibit was inaugurated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in October of 1990 and attracted more than 700 000 visitors, qualifying it as one of the most important exhibits ever held at this museum, second only to the Tutankhamen show. The grand exhibit "Mexico: Splendor of Thirty Centuries", which over the course of little more than a year was presented in New York, San Antonio, and Los Angeles, served as testimonial to both the profound creative tradition that has nourished Mexico since pre-Columbian times and the thriving state of contemporary Mexican Art. For many of the visitors, the existence of such tradition and current art boom were looked upon as a discovery; for the more informed visitors, a confirmation. The successful exhibition at the MET, combined with a great variety of other artistic and cultural activities which took place simultaneously in New York, sparked a tremendous interest in all things Mexican both among the general public and numerous international art critics. The accomplishment at the MET clearly the most important art institution in North America, was made possible with the support of the Mexican government, the Mexican private sector and distinguished group of North American business persons. Together, they took advantage of the heightened interest in Mexican culture in order to project a new image of Mexico abroad. Together, they burst into the New York cultural, political, social, and media arena, opening the door to a whirlwind of Mexican memories, history and civilization upon which a new image of Mexico could be built. Since its incorporation as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation in June 1991, The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York has aimed to increase awareness and appreciation of Mexico's rich traditional and contemporary culture, language, art, and history among the general North American public.

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