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The Michigan Conservative Energy Forum is an organization founded by conservatives who believe that Michigan should adopt a genuine “All of the Above” approach to energy policy that includes increasing our commitment to clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Moving Michigan towards an “All of the Above” energy policy will create jobs, expand the economy, increase national security and grid security, improve public health, and leave behind a powerful legacy for future generations.  Statement Principles Historically, conservatives have led the country's efforts to protect natural resources. Conservatives conserve. But when it comes to the nation's energy future, they have followed the discourse to be dominated by the left. Conservatives have solutions to the energy challenges, and contributions to make the policy debate. It is time to seize the opportunity and take the lead again. Recognizing that: 1. From a faith perspective. 2. From an economic perspective. 3. From a national security perspective. 4. From a public policy perspective. 5. From a political perspective. Platforms: - Jobs and the Economy - National Security - Health and Well-Being - The Legacy Perspective

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