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Microlife Group Africa is a medical distribution and information business run in Johannesburg, South Africa. Through various joint ventures with international pharmaceutical companies, it aims to educate the people of Africa regarding hypertension and health management. Microlife has two primary focuses: hypertension education and the disposal of mercury. Hypertension is an important focus because much of the outside world and indeed the local population of Africa view hypertension as a genetic problem, whereas the real problem is a culturally acquired problem resulting from bad eating and living habits. Mercury thermometers are another focus because of the inherent dangers of mercury thermometers both to children and to the environment. Every 17 years, 25 tons of mercury gets poured into the environment in South Africa through broken and discarded thermometers. Microlife has launched very successfully and education campaign called the Microlife Mercury Recuperation Campaign. Microlife aims to eventually ban the use of mercury thermometers in line with the guidelines from the Basel Convention. No website available.

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