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Millenium Roads, LLC. has been operating since 1997, providing unparalleled service throughout Canada and the United States. Millennium RoadsĀ supplies road products chemistry on an economical and environmentally sound basis. Road Bind* is a suitable replacement for asphalt based road stabilization products where frost is common. This system works with existing paving equipment and will decrease your lane mile / km cost by 1/3.The durability of this chemistry in the Niagara area provides a superior and long lasting road surface . Come see our trial areas and you will be impressed. Winter de icing fluid is carefully blended to maximize efficient management of road surfaces. Their performance in the field is superior to corn and beet based products. Of considerable interest is the contamination of beet and corn based products with systemic insecticides and the non targeted decimation of our beneficial insects and Monarch butterfly populations caused by these chemicals. These unintended consequences of residual neonicotinoid chemistry in downstream products must be halted immediately. Our product feedstocks are specially selected and tested to minimize the potential hazards of agricultural based road de icing fluids. Millennium Roads products are varied through the season to maximize the benefits of brine solutions and de icing fluids.

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