Ministério Público do Estado do Pará



  • Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersBrazil
  • Founded1965
  The Brazilian Public Prosecution Service is a permanent and independent public institution, which does not belong to the Judiciary Branch or to the Executive, Legislative, or Court of Audit Powers. It has its own budget, career and administration.   In Brazil, the Public Prosecution Service is divided between the Public Prosecutor of the Union (MPU) and the Public Prosecution Office of the States (MPE). It is an institution that acts in the defense of social and unavailable interests, such as the right to life, health, housing, freedom, education, work, citizenship, among others.   Prosecutor of the laws, also acts in the defense of the legal order and the democratic regime. It also defends the cultural heritage, the environment, the rights and interests of the collectivity, such as those of the indigenous communities, the family, the child, the adolescent and the elderly.

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