• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersAlbania
  • Founded1912

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Albania)

After the declaration of Independence, on December 4, 1912, the Government was formed, with Prime Minister Ismail Qemali. Minister of Agriculture was appointed Mr. Pandeli Cale, who is also the first Minister of this department. The Ministry of Agriculture functioned as such until September 3, 1914. After this date, until June 1927, agricultural, forestry and mineral activities in Albania were carried out by the Ministry of World Affairs. In 1927, the Parliament, taking into account the importance of this branch for the national economy, re-created the Ministry of Agriculture with Minister Ferid Vokopola and with a functional structure: Minister, Secretary General and Director: Agriculture, Veterinary, Forestry and Administration. The institution that covered agriculture there were different names, depending on the socio-economic developments of the country. Thus, at the end of 1929, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was renamed the Ministry of National Economy with Mr. Musa Juka as Minister. In this period in each prefecture there were offices of agriculture, veterinary, chambers of commerce and forest inspectors. As well as zootechnical stations in Xhafzotaj and two nurseries, one in Lapraka - (Tirana) and the other Bushat - (Shkodra). In 1940 the name changed again, being renamed the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In 1940-44 the Ministry of Agriculture merged with the Ministry of National Economy. On 13.01.1945 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry was established once again. The first minister after the Liberation was Prof. Gaqo Tashko. From 1960 until 1992 the institution was called the Ministry of Agriculture. The forest sector was the special director under this Ministry. With the fundamental changes that took place in the 90s, starting from 13. 04. 1992 the Ministry of Agriculture merged with the food sector of the Ministry of Light Industry and Food, creating the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, a name which holds it even today.
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