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Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries (Ministere de l'Agriculture, du developpement rural et de la peche) (MADRP) (Algeria)

The organization of the central administration The central administration is organized into 10 central directorates and 02 general directorates. The organization of the territorial administration The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries is organized inside the country by: Department of Agricultural Services (DSA) of Wilaya  : 48 in number are located in each capital of Wilaya. Each DSA has for essential tasks, the implementation of the prerogatives of the Ministry at the level of the Wilaya, in particular as regards the mission of public power, and that relating to the development of the agricultural activity in particular in the sense of the increase and improvement of existing potential.  Each Wilaya has on average 6 to 20 subdivisions, depending on the specificity and extent of the agricultural area. Currently the subdivisions are in the shade of 452 throughout the national territory, that is to say for the 48 Wilayas, and each subdivision covers between one and 8 municipalities on average. Conservations des Forêts (CF)  : Forty-eight (48), Conservations des Forêts are located in each capital city of wilaya. Their essential mission is the development, enhancement, protection and management of the forest and alfatier heritage, within the framework of the national forest policy. The conservation of forests are subdivided into constituencies with territorial competence of an administrative Daïra, and into forest districts for territorial competence of a municipality. Public Establishments of an administrative nature (EPA)  : Fifteen in number, they are located for the most part in the wilaya of Algiers. Their main mission is to implement national programs to support agricultural development and the profession. Two institutes are involved in research, the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria (INRAA) and the National Institute of Forest Research (INRF). These Institutes have demonstration and seed production farms, laboratories, technical and educational workshops and agricultural land for technical applications and demonstrations. The Commissariats  : Two in number, the Commissariats are located in Djelfa, for the High Commission for the Development of the Steppe (HCDS), and in Ouargla, for the Commissariat for the Development of Saharan Agronomy (CDARS). Training and popularization establishment  :  Fourteen established in several wilayas, these establishments represent: The Institutes of Medium Agricultural Technologies: With a number of eight, their essential mission is the training of agricultural technicians in the various specialties Agricultural training and extension centers:  Two in number, their main mission is to train technical assistants in agriculture, as well as agricultural extension workers. The Forest Research and Technology Institutes:  Two in number, their main mission is research in the forest sector, as well as the training of forest technicians. The Training Centers of Specialized Technical Agents of Forests:  Two in number, they are located in the wilayas of Médéa and Jijel. Their main mission is to train forest protection officers. Hunting Reserves and Hunting Centers  : Seven in number, they are located in 6 wilayas, their main mission is the production and protection of hunting or exotic species in order to enrich the national hunting heritage. National parks  :  Eight in number, they are located in 8 wilayas. Their main mission is the protection and development of natural environments, and the preservation of flora and fauna. The National Agency for the Protection of Nature (ANN)  : It is responsible for the administrative management of natural areas.        
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