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Ministry of Civil Service (Cambodia)

About The Public Service Office was first established by Royal Decree No 181, dated April 5, 1957, at the time being the "Headquarters of the Public Ministry" and under the direct control of the Prime Minister. From 1957-1970 the work of the public functioned as a body of the Council of Ministers. During the Khmer Republic of 1970-1975, the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Public Works were virtually unchanged; Instead, the new structure was called "Organization" from 1975-1979. In the 1980s, the government of the People's Republic of Kampuchea entrusted the administration of administration to party organizations and the Ministry of Planning as a government body.  In the 1990s, the Royal Government of Cambodia in the first legislature of the National Assembly decided to establish the "Secretariat of the Public Function" through Royal Decree No. NS / RK / 0196/24 dated 24 January 1996 to receive The mission to lead and manage civil servants in the civil service sector of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Separately, Provincial Employment Salaries were sent to Provincial Department of Planning through the Inter-Ministerial Proclamation No. 231 BKP, dated June 13, 2000, on the Employment of Employment Salaries to Provincial and Municipal Planning Departments. Ministry of Planning and the Secretariat of the Public Function. The Royal Government of Cambodia, in the 5th mandate of the National Assembly, established the "Ministry of Public Works" by the Royal Decree No 1213/016 dated 9 December 2013 promulgating the Law on the Establishment of the Ministry of Public Function. It is comprised of three institutions: the Secretariat of the Public Function, the General Secretariat of the Council for Administrative Reform, and the Royal School of Administration. The main role and mission in the rule and the development of public service of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and public administrative reform.      
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