Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and SME Promotion (Cote d' Ivoire)

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and SME Promotion is in charge of the implementation and monitoring of the Government's policy on Trade, Industry and Promotion of SMEs.  In this capacity and in liaison with the various ministerial departments concerned, he has the initiative and responsibility for the following actions: I. In Trade     I-1 With regard to Foreign Trade - promoting and organizing the marketing of Ivorian products on the international market; - initiation and coordination of negotiations and follow-up of bilateral trade agreements and conventions, especially on export commodities; - monitoring Côte d'Ivoire's relations with international and intergovernmental organizations operating in the field of trade; - periodic information from the Government on the situation of raw materials, finished and semi-finished products intended for export, in liaison with the Ministry of Agriculture; - improvement of the export environment; - participation in the animation of the activities of the attachés and commercial advisers of the Ivorian embassies and follow-up of the foreign commercial representations in Ivory Coast, in liaison with the Minister in charge of the Foreign Affairs; - regulations defining and controlling the foreign trade regime; - management of imports and exports of regulated products; - participation in the development and implementation of the tariff and non-tariff entry and exit policy.     I-2 In Internal Trade - promoting and organizing the marketing of Ivorian products on the national market; - organization of commercial activities; - implementation of regulations concerning commercial establishment, markets of national or regional interest, retail markets, specialized markets, general stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets; - management of national commercial equipment; - improvement of the distribution and supply circuits of urban and rural centers; - consumer organization; - promotion, encouragement, training and supervision of nationals in the exercise of commercial professions; - participation in the distribution and pricing mechanisms of regulated products and services; - promoting fairness in commercial transactions and consumer protection; - definition and implementation of modern metrology and control of measuring instruments in the commercial sector; - implementation and monitoring of competition and prices; - crackdown on fraud and counterfeiting; - participation, in liaison with the Minister in charge of Town Planning, with the implementation of a regulation in commercial urban planning, with the creation and the animation of the Commercial Planning Commission; - implementation of a management policy for commercial equipment of national or regional interest. II. In Industry - implementation of the industrial strategy; - development of laws and regulations in the field of industry; - industrial land management, in liaison with the Ministers in charge of Construction, Economy and Finance and Budget; - research opportunities for the creation and development of industrial productions, with a view to responding to changes in national and international demand, and supporting these opportunities; - design and implementation of new industrial development instruments, including free zones, export centers, industrial zones and parks and export insurance; - prospecting opportunities for setting up industrial units; - promotion of the processing into finished or semi-finished products of imported raw materials or homegrown products; - modernization of the wood industry and promotion of agribusiness; - adaptation and exploitation of the results of applied research; - monitoring and evaluation of technology transfer agreements and processes; - promotion, coordination and monitoring of industrial activities; - development, implementation and control of industrial standards; - management of industrial property and patents; - awareness, advice and assistance on the quality approach; - quality control of national and international industrial products; - participation in the encouragement of private initiative by nationals; - participation in the definition of an incentive framework for private sector development; - design, implementation and management of a data bank; - development, implementation and monitoring of actions aimed at improving the competitiveness of national enterprises. III. In the area of ​​SME Promotion - promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized industries (SMEs / SMIs); - monitoring and coordination of SME / SMI development actions; - implementation and monitoring of policies aimed at improving the efficiency of SMEs / SMIs; - implementation, on a private basis and in association with national and international financial economic operators, of an organization promoting Ivorian SMEs; - development and establishment of an institutional and regulatory framework for the creation and financing of SMEs; - management of SMEs / SMIs; - implementation of the Government's policy on business creation by nationals; - development of support measures for the creation of enterprises by nationals; - implementation of actions aimed at strengthening the managerial capacities of national entrepreneurs, particularly in the area of ​​business management. For the exercise of its powers, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Promotion of SMEs is assisted in the promotion of SMEs, a Secretary of State.
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