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Ministry of Culture (Ministère de la Culture - Algeria)

The Minister of Culture is responsible for promoting and implementing, with respect for identity and national personality, a cultural development policy. As such, the Minister of Culture has the following missions:     - to provide support support for the promotion of national culture,     - define, in conjunction with the institutions and sectors concerned, the conditions for access to public aid in the cultural field,     - to set up the organizational framework capable of promoting the development of cultural creation in all its forms, while respecting national values,     - define and implement the policy for carrying out major cultural projects and protecting the national cultural heritage and its symbols,     - to promote research in the arts, letters and history,     - to support the work of writing national history according to scientific criteria and to make available to researchers and the public the instruments relating thereto,     - to encourage and support any initiative aimed at promoting literary production and the dissemination of historical knowledge; scientific and technical,     - to take all measures likely to guarantee the rights of creators, to encourage patronage in the arts and letters and to promote the institution of distinctive merits,     - to encourage emulation in terms of cultural production with the dual concern of promoting artistic expression and access to leisure for the moral and intellectual promotion of the citizen,     - to encourage audiovisual production and broadcasting activities as vectors of national culture and means of protection against the predominance of imported and cultural models,     - initiate any measure and carry out any action aimed at the promotion and encouragement of artistic crafts and, in general, traditional artistic expressions,     - encourage the associative movement working in the cultural field by providing spaces for expression and dissemination,     - to propose the elements of the policy of support for culture.  
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