Ministry of Education and Human Development (Mozambique)

The Ministry of Education is the central organ of the State apparatus which, according to the principles, objectives and tasks defined by the Government, plans, coordinates, directs and develops activities in the field of education, contributing to the raising of patriotic awareness, of the Mozambican national unity.   The following are attributions of the Ministry of Education: a) Formulation of education policies;  b) Citizen training with patriotic awareness and self-esteem:  c) Training and qualification of citizens, giving them scientific, technical and cultural knowledge and ensuring access to science and culture;  d) Regulation, regulation, supervision and inspection of education activities;  e) Planning, monitoring and evaluation of education activities;  f) Development of patriotic, civic and moral education and culture, of the spirit of peace, of national unity and identity;  g) Expansion of access to Education and Technical Vocational Training;  h) Improvement and constant updating of the quality of education, based on scientific and technological advances; i) Training of teachers and other education technicians;  j) Development of physical culture and school sports;  k) Promotion of scientific, technological, social and cultural research in educational institutions;  l) Administration of Professional Technical Education that confers scientific, technical and professional knowledge in coordination with other entities of the State and with civil society;  m) Dissemination of the basic concepts of public health and methods of prevention of endemic diseases, namely HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and others. In order to carry out its specific tasks and functions, the Ministry of Education is organized according to the following activities: a) Education and Training;  b) Curriculum development and educational research;  c) Supervision, control and regulation;  d) Management and quality assurance;  e) Administration and planning of education; At the Ministry of Education, the following groups work: a) Coordinating Council ;  b) Advisory Board ;  c) Technical Council . In addition to the previous groups, also work in the Ministry of Education and with its own regulation the following councils: a) National Council of Higher Education;  b) Council of Higher Education.
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