• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersIndonesia
  • Founded1945

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Indonesia)

Vision & Mission By considering the interests, the development challenges, and the goals of the country, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has the following vision and missions for 2015 - 2019: "Creating Indonesia as a Sovereign, Independent, and Good Personality State Based on Mutual Cooperation" Achieving the vision by performing the following 7 Development Missions: - Providing national security to defend sovereignty, supporting economic autonomy by securing maritime resources and reflecting the Indonesian personality as an archipelago state; - Creating a developed, sustainable, and democratic community on legal basis; - Creating the independent and active foreign policy and strengthening the true identity as a maritime State; - Improving a high, developed, and prosperous Indonesian quality of life; - Creating a competitive ; - Materializing Indonesia as an independent, developed, strong, and national-based oriented maritime State; - Realizing a cultural personality community. History 1945 The first institution administering Mining in Indonesia is Mining and Geological Service that was established on September 11th, 1945. Initially, the Service was known as Chisitsu Chosajo, controlling under the Ministry of Welfare. 1952 The Mining and Geological Service was under the Ministry of Industrial Affairs, based on Decision Letter of Minister of Economic Affairs Number 2360a/M of 1952, was amended to Mining Directorate consisting of Mining Service Center and Geological Service Center. 1957 In accordance with the Presidential Decree Number 131 of 1957, Ministry of Economic Affairs was divided into Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industrial Affairs. Based on Decision Letter of Minister of Industrial Affairs Number 4247 a/M of 1957, Centers under the Mining Directorate were amended to Mining Service and Geological Service. 1959 Ministry of Industrial Affairs was divided into Department of Basic Industry/Mining and Department of Public Industry, of which oil and gas mining field was under the Department of Basic Industry and Mining. 1961 The Government established an Oil and Gas Bureau under the Department of Basic Industry and Mining. 1962 Geological Service and Mining Service were amended to be Geological Directorate and Mining Directorate. 1963 Oil and Gas Bureau was amended to be Oil and Gas Directorate under the authority of Minister Assistant on Mining Affairs and State Mining Companies. 1965 Department of Basic Industry/Mining was divided into three departments: Department of Basic Industry, Department of Mining and Department of Oil and Gas Affairs. 11 June 1965 Minister administering Oil and Gas Affairs determined the establishment of Oil and Gas Institution (Lemigas). 1966 Department of Oil and Gas Affairs was merged to be Ministry of Mining and Oil & Gas controlling the Department of Oil and Gas. 1966 During the era of Ampera Cabinet, Department of Oil and Gas and Department of Mining were merged to be Department of Mining. 1978 Department of Mining was amended to be Department of Mining and Energy 2000 Department of Mining and Energy was amended to be Department of Energy and Mineral Resources. 2009 In accordance with Presidential Regulation 47/2009, the 'Department' was amended to be 'Ministry'
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