Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Cote D'Ivoire)

Responsibilities of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development. With regard to the Environment :   •  Planning and control of the environmental policy, evaluation, studies and plan; •  Implementation of the Environment Code and legislation on the Protection of Nature and the Environment; •  Management and monitoring of projects funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); •  Establishment of environmental services for the network of National Parks and Nature Reserves in conjunction with the Ministers of Tourism and Water and Forests; •  Protection and enhancement of aquatic, fluvial, lagoon and coastal ecosystems and wetlands; •  Management of National Parks and Natural Reserves in collaboration with the Minister of Water and Forests; •  Control of installations classified for environmental protection; •  Coordination of the management of major natural risks; •  Reinforcement of resources and monitoring of industrial waste control in conjunction with the Ministers concerned; •  Participation in the control of the functioning of the sewerage and drainage networks, in liaison with the Minister of Construction, Sanitation and Town Planning; •  Supervision and monitoring of the management of industrial, agricultural, toxic or dangerous waste in liaison with the Ministers concerned.   For Sustainable Development :   •  Development and implementation of government policy in the field of sustainable development; • Preparation and implementation of government policy on renewable energy, development and promotion of green technologies helping to improve the quality of the environment by reducing discharges to water, air and soil as well as the reduction of energy consumption in conjunction with the Minister of Petroleum and Energy; • Development and implementation of the policy to combat global warming and atmospheric pollution; •  Promotion of sustainable management of scarce resources; •  participation in international climate negotiations; •  Ensure the integration of sustainable development objectives in the development as well as their environmental assessment; •  Contribution to the development of the policy intended to involve citizens in determining the choices concerning projects having a significant impact on the environment; •  Proposal for any measure to improve the quality of life; •  Contribution to the development of environmental education, training and citizens; •  Establishment of the Sustainable Development Commission; •  Development, coordination and coordination of the water policy and the protection of biodiversity.
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