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Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Nicaragua)

I. MISSION Rectorship of public finances in support of national policies aimed at economic growth and poverty reduction, according to the priorities established in the National Plan for Human Development (PNDH). II. VISION To be a leading, modernized and strengthened institution that guarantees a fiscal policy in support of macroeconomic stability, in a framework of integral development of human resources, guaranteeing gender practices in Institutional management with efficient processes and provision of quality services, contribute to compliance with the policies and strategic programs established in the National Plan for Human Development (PNDH) INSTITUTIONAL OBJECTIVES   Comply efficiently with the role of rector of public finances, through the consolidation of the Financial Subsystems of: Treasury, Budget, Public Credit, Governmental Accounting and Related Subsystems: Government Contracting, Public Function, Public Investment and Real Estate State. Contribute to maintaining macroeconomic stability based on sustainable fiscal management.  Achieve greater institutional integration aimed at fulfilling the Mission, based on the implementation of the Financial Administration System Modernization Plan. Formulate public investment policies with a sectoral and national strategic approach that impacts on economic growth and poverty reduction.  To contribute to an efficient administration of the financial and patrimonial resources of the State. Contribute to the professionalization of the Public Servant in the Administration of the State, for the provision of quality services to the citizens.   INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES   Formulation of the Tax Policy to propitiate the economic growth and the reduction of the poverty and to support the financing of the productive infrastructure and the public expense. Ensure the quality of public investments and their coherence with the priorities established in the PNDH, thus contributing to the well-being of all Nicaraguans.  Implementation of policies, rules and procedures for all Public Entities of a budgetary, accounting and financial nature for an adequate administration of the economic resources of the country, in accordance with the current legal framework in financial management material. Improvement in the quality of financial services; allocation, execution and budgetary, accounting and financial control for the Government Entities, ensuring the consistency of the budget flow and its accountability. Strengthening the link of the planning process of the Public Investment with the goals established in the PNDH and with the financing policy. Strengthening the Legal Framework of Financial and Related Systems to articulate products and results as an institution. Strengthening of gender practices as stipulated in Law 648: "Equality and Opportunities Law", to guarantee the equity of the different factors in Institutional management.  Consolidation of the principles and values ​​of the Public Servant on Public Ethics as per decree 35-2009 in force, as a fundamental element to guarantee the quality of the Institutional product.   STRATEGIC PRIORITIES   Consolidation of the Modernization Plan for the Financial Administration System of the Treasury, Budget, Public Credit, Government Accounting, and Subsystems Related Subsystems: Government Contracting, Public Function, Public Investment, and State Assets.  Review and adjustment of the MHCP's legal platform to improve the performance of the Financial Administration of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity in correspondence with the PNDH. Modernize the physical-financial monitoring system of the Public Investment Program (PIP), guaranteeing the efficiency, transparency and probity of the projects.  Contribute with the Central Government Institutions and Public Enterprises in the formulation of a portfolio of projects linked to strategic planning for the management of medium-term resources. Promote the incorporation of gender practices in the management of the MHCP internally and externally, as stipulated in Law No. 648 "Equal Rights and Opportunities Law".  Train human resources to contribute to the fulfillment of the Institution's strategic goals and improvement of services to the population.    
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