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Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene (Ministère de la Santé et de l’hygiène Publique) - Togo

Powers and Objectives The Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene develops and ensures the implementation of the State policy in matters of public health. To this end, it draws up programs to improve health coverage, as well as strategies for preventing and combating major endemics by putting in place appropriate mechanisms to strengthen public hygiene and control health establishments. and their dismemberments. It ensures the permanence and continuity of the functioning of health services and ensures easy and equitable access to health care. It coordinates all programs and actions aimed at protecting the health of young girls, mothers and children, reducing the morbidity and mortality linked to communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS.  The Minister of Health and Social Protection oversees the social protection of public officials and workers, including those in the liberal professions, the informal sector and agriculture. It organizes, in collaboration with the ministers and other institutions concerned, the management of pensions and pensions as well as that of social security, health and social insurance mutuals. The Minister of Health and Social Protection creates and coordinates, in conjunction with the Minister responsible for labor, the national framework for occupational safety and health. To this end, it undertakes surveillance, protection and promotion of occupational health, all sectors combined. It sets up the institutions and the related legislation. It ensures the operation and control of all structures involved in this matter. The Minister of Health and Social Protection monitors international agreements in the fields of health and social protection and ensures compliance with the commitments made. Within the framework of the exercise of its attributions, the Minister of Health and Social Protection has authority over the services which are directly attached to it, the services of the central administration of the Ministry and the external services.
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