• Organization TypeGovernment, Service Providers
  • Founded1936

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Paraguay)

In 1936, under the government of Colonel Rafael Franco, the Ministry of Public Health was created through the enactment of Decree Law No. 2,000 / 36 of June 15, 1936; while by Decree Law No. 2,001 / 36 the organization and functions of the new Secretary of State were established. Prior to 1936, all health services were provided and administered by the Ministry of the Interior, but the health consequences of the Chaco War (1932-1935) in the Paraguayan population made the Government believe it convenient to create a Ministry of Public Health. At that time, one of the main objectives of the State portfolio was to provide medical assistance to the wounded and mutilated of the Chaco war, and effectively control the treatment and transmission of diseases such as malaria, dysentery and typhoid, which migrated towards the Western Region once the Chaco War ended, with the return of the combatants to their homes. It was not until 1998, that Decree Law No. 2,001 / 36 was repealed with the promulgation of Decree No. 21,376 / 98, by which the new functional organization of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare was established. This official document was signed by the then President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Wasmosy and prompted by Minister Andrés Vidovich Morales, according to his first article, with the relevant precepts of the National Constitution and the development of the National System of Health. In these regulations, now in force, special emphasis was placed on the leading role of human and environmental health, and social welfare, which should be met by the Ministry of Public Health, which from that moment began a stage of reforms and modernizations, mainly legislative.
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