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Ministry of Industry and Mines (Algeria)

Minister's missions With reference to Executive Decree No. 14-241 of Aouel Dhou El Kaada 1435 corresponding to August 27, 2014 setting the powers of the Minister of Industry and Mines, The missions of the Ministry of Industry and Mines are included in the following: Article 1 . As part of the general policy of the Government, the Minister of Industry and Mines proposes elements of national policy in the fields of industrial policy, industrial competitiveness, the promotion of support services, management of state participations in the industrial public sector, geological infrastructure, geological and mining research, development, exploitation and exploitation of mineral resources, investment promotion and the small and medium business. It monitors and controls their implementation in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. In this respect, it proposes, in accordance with the Government's program, the definition elements of the growth and industrial and mining development policy. It reports the results of its activities to the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, according to the forms, procedures and deadlines established Art. 13 . Within the scope of his powers, the Minister of Industry and Mines may initiate any text of a legislative and regulatory nature. Art. 14 . The Minister of Industry and Mines ensures the proper functioning of central and deconcentrated structures as well as any institution or institution under his supervision. Art. 15 . The Minister of Industry and Mines proposes the establishment of any institution of consultation and / or interministerial coordination and any body likely to better support the missions entrusted to it. Art. 16 . This decree will be published in the Official Journal of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.  
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