Ministry of Justice (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed in 2003, in accordance to the Law on Ministries and Other Bodies of Administration of BiH (Official gazette BiH, number 5/2003), and is responsible for administrative functions pertaining to: - Judicial institutions at the state level; - International and inter-entity judicial cooperation (mutual legal assistance and contacts with international tribunals); - Drafting of relevant legislation to address the issues referred to in sub-paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article; - Ensuring that legislation and implementation by BiH at all levels is in compliance with the obligations of BiH deriving from international agreements; - Cooperating both with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Entities in the drafting of International Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements; - Providing guidelines and monitoring legal education to ensure inter-Entity harmonization and compliance with best practice; - Generally acting as central coordinating body for ensuring inter-Entity legislative and justice system harmony and best practice, whether by providing good conditions for discussion or coordinating initiatives; - Extradition; - Tasks of administrative inspection of legislation governing civil servants and employees of the bodies of administration, of administrative proceedings and special administrative proceedings, as well as of office operations in the bodies of administration; - Issues of associations of citizens and keeping of registers of associations of citizens and NGOs operating in BiH; - Other tasks and duties which are not within the competence of other Ministries of BiH and which are related to the tasks and duties of this Ministry.
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