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Ministry of National Education and Technical and Vocational Education (Comoros)

About As part of the achievement of strategic objectives, the latter implements the general policy of the State in matters of National Education, Literacy, Technical and Vocational Education to prepare the citizen to participate in development of the country. He is in particular responsible for: -Ensure quality education for all Malagasy people and fight against illiteracy and poverty; -Create an effective basic and pre-school education system; -Improve the secondary education system; -Establish a quality technical and professional education system that meets international standards. This system aims to provide Madagascar with human resources corresponding to the needs of its development and its regional and international integration; -Establish a vocational training system aimed at developing the skills of resources in emerging production sectors; -Develop vocational education for vulnerable groups and more particularly women and people with disabilities; -Put in place a strategy to eliminate illiteracy among adolescents and adults; -Promote the development of fundamental knowledge, good citizenship and know-how essential to the economic, social and cultural development of Madagascar; -Disseminate this knowledge by all means to the different strata of the Malagasy population, with a view to solving their practical problem in the direction of progress; -Ensure better conditions for education and technical and vocational education.
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