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Ministry of National Education (Mali)

Under the terms of Decree n ° 2015 - 0633 / P-RM of October 15, 2015 fixing the specific attributions of the members of the Government, the Minister of National Education prepares and implements the national policy in the fields of pre-school education and special education, basic education, general secondary, technical or vocational education, non-formal education and literacy. As such, it is responsible for: achieving the objectives of the education for all policy; the development of non-formal education and in particular of literacy; development of secondary basic education; monitoring and control of preschool and special education establishments and of basic and secondary education establishments, public and private; monitoring and control of public normal education establishments; the development and evaluation of knowledge in pre-school and special education and in basic education, and in general, technical or vocational secondary education; the issuance of the Diploma of Fundamental Studies (DEF), the Professional Aptitude Certificate (CAP), the Technician's Certificate (BT) of the Baccalaureate and diplomas from the Masters Training Institutes; developing the use of national languages; the promotion of excellence, citizenship and patriotism in basic and secondary education.
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