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Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (Yemen)

About The functions of the Ministry are as follows: Conducting research and economic and social studies and preparing development strategies. Identify private sector development policies and provide an appropriate environment for investments. Preparing and implementing sectoral, regional and local policies, setting investment priorities and following up on their implementation and evaluation. To manage and coordinate economic, social, cultural, scientific and technical programs funded by various external sources and supervise and evaluate their projects. Participate in the preparation of economic reform trends and in assessing the level of achievement of the objectives. Review and develop economic policies in accordance with the objectives and trends of economic reform. Prepare macro indicators for long, medium and short term plans, including the objectives and policies of the participation of ministries and government sectors, the private sector and civil society in accordance with strategies and visions. Study and analyze sectoral and regional policies and means of implementation and analyze their compatibility with development strategies. Prepare policies and plans of cooperation with local and foreign NGOs in coordination with the relevant authorities. Prepare plans and programs of economic, technical and scientific cooperation with countries, economic blocs, international organizations, competent agencies and institutions, and prepare and prepare for the work of all joint committees with fraternal and friendly countries at all levels. Analysis and study of regional and international variables and their impact on the national economy and propose policies to address them. Conduct studies of future forecasting of development trends and their impact on the national economy and propose appropriate policies to address them. Creating and providing suitable conditions for achieving the Arab economic bloc. Prepare studies and develop policies aimed at developing human resources according to market needs and development plans and programs. Study and analyze the differences in economic and social growth between regions and local levels and develop policies aimed at addressing these differences and achieving balance. Assist local authorities in preparing local plans and programs and follow up their implementation and evaluation. Study and review the draft sectoral and regional plans in light of the strategies and policies adopted and formulated in the form of a general plan for the national economy. Participate in the preparation of annual financial and cash budgets in line with the trends and indicators of economic plans. Setting local and external borrowing priorities for development projects and programs in order to serve the goals and indicators of programs, plans and strategies. The Ministry shall determine its annual requirement of local financial allocations to implement its obligations to development partners and donors and shall distribute them to projects to meet: (A) the achievement of reaching the target indicators in strategies, plans and programs. (B) To implement the State's obligations to donors; (C) Providing the right environment for investment; (D) Achieving a balance between intraregional growth and exclusion zones. Enabling local authorities to achieve the objectives and indicators of strategic visions and strategies (such as poverty reduction strategy) and development plans and programs in the field of infrastructure and basic services. Distribution of financial allocations from external and local sources in favor of development projects in accordance with priorities and supervision of expenditure on projects financed by loans, assistance and grants in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank and concerned parties Participate with the Ministry of Finance in the distribution of annual local investment allocations on development projects in accordance with their priorities and in order to achieve the objectives and indicators planned Providing scientific and technical advice in the economic and social fields to various economic sectors and local authorities Evaluate macroeconomic, sectoral and regional economic performance in coordination with relevant authorities and submit periodic reports to the Council of Ministers and relevant ministries Supporting and developing the statistical system and its applications in various fields Collect and compile data and information necessary for economic planning, analysis and organization of utilization in planning, follow-up and evaluation and provide the various bodies concerned The Ministry shall determine the priorities of projects for private investment, which represent a special need for the State and propose incentives and advantages encouraging investors to attract local and foreign private investors to invest in it. Qualification, classification and registration of consulting companies in various fields Establish a network and information system and associated technical equipment, sub-systems, programs and sub-networks to achieve the Ministry's objectives in monitoring and evaluating the level of implementation of the development plan and exchanging information with the economic sectors and local authorities. Preparation of training and rehabilitation plans and programs at the National Planning Institute of the Ministry and its operation to serve the development objectives Representing the Yemeni government in the regional and international financial organizations and institutions. It is the only body authorized to sign the agreements and contracts and determine the size of the loans, aids, grants and grants necessary for the implementation of programs and projects and the achievement of the objectives and indicators that resulted from the feasibility studies. Representing the Yemeni government in negotiating and discussing with all donors Negotiate and sign loans, grants and assistance provided to Yemen to various organs and institutions in the central government and local authorities Study the legislative and legal aspects related to planning, development and areas of economic cooperation and propose the necessary amendments to them in accordance with international variables and the promotion of decentralization Any other tasks related to its ministerial function and objectives.
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