Ministry of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration (MPSIR - Republic of Congo)

The Minister of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration, executes the policy of the Nation as defined  by the Prime Minister, Head of Government according to the general policy direction declined (expressed / desired) by  the President of the Republic in economic and social planning, statistics and regional integration. In this capacity, he is responsible for: I - (in terms of economic and social planning) - undertake prospective studies at the national and sectoral levels for the definition of short, medium and long term development goals; - prepare project data for inclusion in the state investment budget in accordance with the requirements of development plans or programs; - identify and determine the location of public investments and development poles; - negotiate and ensure the implementation and monitoring of development programs with bilateral and multilateral partners; - monitor the execution of public investment programs and projects, and ensure their control and physical and financial evaluation; - ensure, jointly with the Minister in charge of Finance, the programming of the disbursements of the investment budget according to the available resources; - to contribute to the preparation and commitment of capital expenditure of the State budget; - seek, together with the Minister of Finance, additional resources for the financing of the investment budget; - strengthen the capacity for studies, research and economic and financial evaluation of public projects; - to highlight and publicize Congo's investment policy; - to encourage the participation of donors in the financing of national and community development projects and to ensure their control, monitoring and evaluation; - develop the national strategy to combat poverty; - promote training and development of development expertise; - contribute to the development and implementation of policies aimed at the development of the private economy; - ensure the inclusion of projects in the investment budget, primarily those that have been the subject of feasibility studies; - manage the study fund for public investment projects; - monitor the execution of public investment programs and projects, and ensure their control and physical and financial evaluation; - design and propose legislation on investment policy; - participate in the drafting of finance bills, investment component; - draw up development plans or programs, conduct their implementation and, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments; II - (in statistics) - to promote the development of national statistics and to ensure the application of the law on statistics; III - (in terms of regional integration) - develop and contribute to the implementation of the subregional and regional economic integration strategy and policies; - develop, coordinate and monitor the implementation of regional and community projects promoting subregional and regional economic integration; - implement subregional community policies; - promote and strengthen economic and technical cooperation, including the creation of new institutions at the subregional and regional levels; - coordinate at the national level the animation and revitalization of institutions and economic integration bodies at the African and subregional levels; - to work on the monitoring and implementation of the programs and projects of the New Partnership for Africa's Development; - to work with national actors to implement the actions and recommendations of continental, regional, subregional and national governance bodies of the new partnership for Africa's development; - ensure the popularization of the new partnership for Africa's development and its ownership by the various national development actors; - monitor and implement the African Peer Review Mechanism; - develop the green economy strategy; - seek substantial funding for the development of green economy programs and projects. The Minister of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration, for the exercise of his attributions, has authority over all the services of his ministry and exercises oversight over the agencies under his jurisdiction as determined by the texts relating to the organization of the Ministry of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration
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