Ministry of Planning, Territorial Equipment, and Major Works (Republic of Congo)

In accordance with the provisions of Article 1 of Decree No. 2017-405 of October 10, 2017 relating to the powers of the Minister of Planning, Territorial Equipment and Major Works, the Ministry of Planning, Development and equipment of the territory, major works executes the policy of the Nation in the fields of development, equipment of the territory, major works. In this capacity, he is responsible for: Conduct land use planning and equipment studies Elaborate the national scheme as well as the sectoral plans of development, equipment of the territory, lead their implementation and proceed, if necessary to the necessary adjustments; Ensure the implementation of development and construction programs for public works; Define and lead the policy of revitalizing the village fabric and revitalizing local economies; Ensure the balanced development of the national territory; Implement policies and measures promoting the emergence of regional economies; Participate in the development and equipment of the urban framework; Contribute to the definition and implementation of decentralization policies; Maintain cooperative relations with national, regional and international bodies specialized in the field of its competence; Identify and carry out projects for local development; Contribute to the definition of the land use policy; Contribute to the development of a cartography of the territory and the constitution of databases on the national territory; Design and monitor the implementation of state-department plan contracts; Assure the delegated project management of the works of development and construction of works of public interest; Develop, in consultation with the project owner, the procurement programs; Organize and proceed with the call for competition from candidates for public contracts or public service delegations whose threshold falls within its competence; To screen and evaluate tenders for the execution of public contracts or public service delegations; To technically and financially estimate the specifications and estimates of the contracts as well as the accounts relating to their execution; Draft, conclude and manage public contracts; Conclude and sign contracts whose threshold falls within its jurisdiction; Sign the letters of order and aim for the accounts of the works; Organize and proceed to the reception of the works, goods or services and control the execution of the public service by the delegatee; Define and implement the policy of preservation and maintenance of major equipment and works of public interest.
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