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Ministry of Science and Technology (Laos)

The Science and Technology Development Strategy of the Lao PDR Over 2013- 2020 and vision to the year 2030 . 1 . Vision and vision of development A. Vision The development of science and technology Vision to develop scientific your own technology of Laos through the year 2020 the mail provides a bright science your own technology becoming viable substitutes for your own vehicle develop an efficient , accelerating your own driver development - economic, social the persecution of growing continuously , hold just your own sustainability , making Laos reached Target Millennium Development of the Real exiting situation That the least developed in 2020, created the foundation for the Khmer to the old country in the transformation industry as Real Modern Dancers at harmonizing your own balance between the development of economic development of the culture - Social your own protection Beijing condition the West its natural heritage , guarantee stability in political , security ,Strong social order and regional and international integration. Year 2030 will be based on science and technology as Bayer Innovation of Lao strength , advanced yet Dancers equal countries in the region , gives some hope that you the lucky owner can research - adjusted using your own innovative technology new to push support for the following accelerated developing countries with economies such persecution wisdom. B. Perspectives on Science and Technology Development - Science and technology development, along with the development of scientific and social science education, is an important national policy , a major force in the development of the country as fast as possible. The development of science and technology to ensure that the older the economy - the rescue of encouraging quality your own stability are linked as the economy of your own region to support changes in articulation of climate - changing population of the soft economy of the world, put development resources human science and technology, development factors infrastructure Q. Surface science technology to the Real strengthens the kheng in concrete economic development - society of the country; - Science and technology play an important role in the development of the economy from the natural self-sufficiency economy to the market economy , increase productivity , change of mechanism , increase competitiveness and accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization of our country. - All governments and business entities have a role in investing in science and technology. In particular , the main task is to focus on modernizing the system of management , management mechanisms, and the scientific system of research in a systematic way; Develop a focus , increasing the potential of science and technology , and vigorously promote applied research in conjunction with local and regional initiatives; - develop marketing and science and technology services to support science-based inventors and their research achievements; - To promote the import and transfer of science and technology internationally to stimulate the socio-economic development of the country, bringing science and technology levels closer to the international community; The import of science and technology must be pro-choice , creative , ensure national independence , self-reliance , ensure national security and security , do not affect the environment, ensure sustainable development and foreign prosperity. 2 . The overall goal Science, technology and innovation development must provide a comprehensive system and a major force to meet the nation's main need for industrialization , modernization , stability and sustainable development , depriving the nation of its fragile 2020 status ; By 2030, the development of science , technology and innovation in some sectors of the Lao PDR is up-to-date, with the aim of researching, implementing and innovating technologies to accelerate the development of the country in comparison to other regional and international countries. 3 . Targets Development of science and technology as Bayer Innovation of Lao PDR to achieve the targets of the conference session I. X of people the materials he set out to expand the content breakthrough all 4 sides , the phen development - economic, social as promoting the 5 Year VIl (2011-2015) and the phen strategic development of the economy - the economic year 2002-2020 with the expectation Aim follows: - Since 2020, researchers use science and technology as Real innovation will contribute added value of production makes economic as promoting national growth ongoing your own stable - value products within ( GDP) of more than 8 weight % per year to maintain traditional culture fine of , developing society as Real keep the house environment to the quality of life of people better , Contribute to the poverty reduction rate as defined in the Resolution 9 of the Party ( 10% in 2015 and in 2020 no poor households); - Strive to invest in research and development in science and technology in 2012 to be 0.04% of gross domestic product ( GDP) or equal to 1% of public investment. By 2015 , achieving 0.5 % of GDP, and by 2020, up to 1 % of gross domestic product [advanced options]. [Medium: By 2015, to reach 0.3% of GDP and to 2020, to 0.8% of GDP]. [ If low: By year2015 track records to reach 0.2 % of GDP and by 2020 to reach 0.45 % of GDP]. Establish a research and development infrastructure for science and technology in 2015 to improve people's lives and by 2020 , researchers , scientists and intellectuals and Lao innovators can contribute to the transformation of the industry , to become more integrated and inclusive; - Strive to make society more inclusive of technology innovation , reduce state investment in technology development annually , by 2015 with about 80% of the investment budget and by 2020, remaining about 60% of the investment budget; In contrast, social investment is expected to increase every year , by 2015 accounting for about 20% of the budget and up to 40% by 2020 ; - The dividend yield of the business sector to invest in science and technology development in 2015 to be 5 % of business revenue and in 2020 to 15% of business revenue; Increase the investment rate for science and technology research and innovation to 1 % of the business sector in 2015 and by 2020 to 3 % of the business sector; - Aim construction worker researcher science and technology development figures from a survey in 2010 amounted to 1 , 1/ 10 . 000 people, by 2015, to reach 3.3 people / 10,000 and reach 11 / 10,000 by 2020 [ advanced options]. [ Intermediate: 2, 86 people / 10,000 the puzzle 2015 the Real numbers 8 , 25 people / 10,000 people in 2020] ; [Low levels: 2, 53 people / 10,000 in 2015 and 7 , 26 / 10,000 in 2020] ; Even the icy your own upgrade the engineers professional your own hands , the technical expertise , entrepreneur a couple of wisdom village with traditional knowledge traditional way scientific quality can join manage your own process run production techniques - technological level at the time the bright and , local your own focus areas in the development of your own state replace feature; - Strive to build infrastructure by 2015, provide necessary infrastructure and equipment to scientific research institutions and develop technology of the scheme , in collaboration with universities. Since 2020, the establishment of institutions in national research scientists adjustment - using your own service to 3 of (the North , Central your own resumes a) the relationship and cooperation with the Institute research scientist of the soul and the University various strengthening the infrastructure research - development of science and technology as Real innovation by Generate Institute Research scientist national progressive modern equivalent to ASEAN reached number 1In the year 2015 and year 2020 EPI nlu a number 2 the terminal; - Strive to improve and establish the management mechanism to promote the science, technology and development of the country's innovation system by 2015 on the basis of comprehensive policies , laws and legislation. The 2016-2020 legislative agenda on organizing , managing science , technology and innovation can be integrated and integrated into the ASEAN countries , as well as being promoted and implemented around the country . - Strive to increase research and development of science and technology that is widely accepted by society and internationally. In 2015 to about 2-3 times of the year 2011 the Real year 2020 to 5 times of the year 2016 .
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