• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersBurundi

Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (Ministère de l’Environnement, de l’Agriculture) (Burundi) (MINEAGRIE)

In order to fulfill its missions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock relies on the services of the central administration, in particular the Coordination of the Minister's Cabinet, the Permanent Secretariat and the General Inspectorate. To this is added the General Directorates namely, the General Directorate of Agricultural Planning and Livestock, whose mission is to support the Permanent Secretariat in its function, to coordinate the development of projects and programs for the development of the sector. agriculture and livestock. The General Directorate for Mobilization for Self-Development and Agricultural Extension, whose mission is to develop methods of approach in the field of extension, to design and organize the in-service training of agri-pastoralists, provincial executives and agents , communal and others, ... The Directorate General of Agriculture with the mission to promote the development of agricultural sectors, including seed sectors, develop the national policy on agricultural inputs, develop and implement national policies for the protection of land intended for agriculture to agriculture and the setting up of hydro-agricultural infrastructures.  The General Directorate of Livestock, whose mission is to promote the development of livestock production chains, develop national livestock policy, modernize methods and techniques of livestock inputs and make them available for extension . The General Directorates are organized in Directorates with as many services as needed.
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