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Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Senegal)

Missions and Attributions Description menu presentation department:  Decree n ° 2014-880 of July 22nd, 2014 relating to the attributions of the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, Given the Constitution;  Having regard to Decree No. 2014-845 of 06 July 2014 appointing the Prime Minister;  Having regard to Decree No. 2014- 849 of 06 July 2014 on the composition of the Government;  Considering Decree No. 2014-853 of 09 July 2014 on the distribution of State services and the control of public institutions, national companies and companies with public participation between the Presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister and ministries;  On the proposal of the Prime Minister, DECREES: Article 1 : Under the authority of the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development prepares and implements the policy defined by the Head of State in terms of environmental monitoring, pollution control and protection nature, fauna and flora. It is responsible, subject to the powers devolved to local authorities, of the protection of the environment and, as such, it takes measures to prevent and fight against pollution of any kind. It ensures that potentially polluting activities do not jeopardize the living environment of the population and the quality of the environment. It ensures the safety of potentially polluting facilities. In the exercise of his competences relating to the classified establishments, he conducts the investigation of the files, signs the individual acts in relation with the concerned ministries. He is responsible for the preservation of fauna and flora. It protects streams against invasions of aquatic plants. It has authority over national parks and other protected areas. It facilitates access to these spaces while ensuring a high degree of protection. It is in charge, in relation with the local communities, of the protection of the marine flora and that of the coasts and the estuaries attacked by the marine erosion. He prepares and enforces hunting legislation and regulations. It ensures the protection of the most endangered species. He ensures that the practice of hunting does not affect the survival of species and fight against poaching. In relation with the ministers concerned, he works for the development of ecotourism. He chairs the  Superior Council of Hunting and Fishing. He is in charge of the fight against desertification and the fight against bush fires. It applies the policy of soil protection and regeneration. It helps local communities to cope with waste collection and ensures its treatment. It supports the initiatives of local authorities and associative movements in the field of the environment. He is in charge of the development of environmental education. It manages a mechanism for monitoring and monitoring trends in climate change and changes in the state of the environment. He is in charge, in relation with the local communities to promote the forest economy. It ensures a rational use of the forest potential. He ensures the implementation of a reforestation policy. It ensures the rational exploitation of forests and other wooded areas. He represents Senegal in international technical meetings devoted to the protection of the environment, sustainable development, climate and biodiversity. It ensures the supervision of the Permanent Secretariat of the National Commission for Sustainable Development. It participates in the implementation of the water and soil conservation policy through the construction of retention basins and artificial lakes. In liaison with the ministers responsible for fisheries and agriculture, he ensures the development of aquaculture. Article 2 : The Prime Minister and the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development are each responsible for the implementation of this decree which will be published in the Official Journal.
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