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Ministry of the Environment, Water, and Forests (MEEF) (Guinea)

The Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests is responsible for the design, development, coordination and implementation of government policy in the fields of the environment, water and forests and sustainable development and follow it up. As such, it is particularly responsible for: Conceive and develop the national sanitation policy and ensure its implementation;   To ensure the protection of the environment against all forms of degradation in collaboration with the structures concerned;   Ensure the development, reconstruction, conservation of forests, protected areas, fragile ecosystems, watersheds and the conservation of water and soil;   Ensure the rational exploitation of forests and wild fauna;   Ensure certification for the preservation, and the issuance of authorizations to cut timber and derivatives as well as non-wood forest products;   To participate in the promotion of environmentally friendly energy sources, as well as clean technologies; To set up and manage mechanisms for monitoring and monitoring the state of the natural and human environment;   Ensure information, awareness and education of citizens with a view to their participation in the protection and sustainable management of the environment;
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