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Ministry of Youth (Guinea)

MINISTERE DE LA JEUNESSE MISSION AND ORGANIZATION The Ministry of Youth is responsible for designing, developing and implementing the Government's youth policy and promoting youth employment. As such, he is particularly responsible for :  Design, develop and monitor the implementation of laws and regulations on youth and youth employment in relation to partner ministries;  Establish an institutional and regulatory framework that promotes, among other things, the development of youth and youth employment activities ;  Design and develop communication, information and awareness programs for youth and their organizations ;  To design and implement a tool for collecting, processing, analyzing and disseminating information relating to young people ;  Promote the citizenship of young people and create the best conditions for their participation in the socio-economic development of the country ;  To encourage and support the creation and promotion of youth associations, groups and cooperatives; To ensure the guardianship of youth houses and other areas assigned to the Department of Youth ;  To encourage the participation of youth associations, socio-educational and socio-professional organizations in national, African and international meetings ;  To promote youth volunteering ;  To organize the training and the improvement of the personnel of supervision, intervention and animation in the domains of the youth and the employment of the young people ;  To promote and develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation and partnership in the field of youth and youth employment ;  To ensure quality representation of youth associations and organizations in African and international meetings ;  Promote gender and equity in youth work and youth employment ;  Ensure the development of the partnership for the promotion of youth employment and socio-educational activities ;  To participate in the mobilization of resources for the socio-economic development and insertion of young people as well as socio-educational activities ;   To participate in the negotiations and to ensure the application of the conventions, agreements, protocols, regional and international treaties linking Guinea to its partners in the field of youth and youth employment A mission resolutely at the service of youth The main mission of the Ministry of Youth is to provide Guinea with a coherent and operational policy framework for youth development to facilitate the process of its implementation and the mobilization of resources, to promote greater participation of the sectors public and private as well as the promotion and development of youth employment, young entrepreneurship, socio-educational activities, cultural sports and socio-professional integration of young people. Around this fundamental mission, the Ministry of Youth intends to organize its administration and optimize the use of its human and technical resources in order to achieve the vision defined by the various stakeholders of actions oriented towards young people.
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