Missouri Foundation for Health

ABOUT THE FOUNDATION Their mission: to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities most in need. Missouri Foundation for Health is a resource for the region, working with communities and nonprofits to generate and accelerate positive changes in health. As a catalyst for change, MFH improves the health of Missourians through partnership, experience, knowledge, and funding. The Foundation takes a multifaceted approach to health issues, understanding that programs, policy, and collaboration all play a role in creating lasting impact. An independent philanthropic foundation, MFH was created in the year 2000, following Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri’s conversion from nonprofit to for-profit status. It is the largest organization of its kind in the state and among the largest in the country. THEIR CORE VALUES Their core values play an essential role in guiding all of their work and are integral for achieving their mission. They reflect who they are as an organization and what they strive for in all of their interactions, both internally and with the public. EQUITY They believe that health is a fundamental human right and that achieving equity is their collective responsibility. They are committed to eliminating disparities within all aspects of health and addressing the social and economic factors that shape health outcomes. INTEGRITY They value the trust of the individuals and communities they serve and earn that trust through a culture of ethical conduct and transparency. HUMILITY They recognize the dignity of all people and embrace the fact that some of their greatest ideas and feedback are generated from the communities they serve. They possess an openness and curiosity to listen, learn, develop solutions, and self-reflect. COMMITMENT They are passionate about creating meaningful change and understand this requires a sense of urgency combined with dedication, risk-taking, and strategy.
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  • 4254 Vista Avenue St. Louis, MO 63110