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Mitas Energy & Metal Construction Inc.

Mitaş Energy and Metal Construction Inc. is the leading backbone subsidiary of Mitaş Group, and is one of the well-known brand name in global lattice steel structure manufacturers market. Mitaş Energy functions on an area of 123,000m² of which 63,500m² is closed workshops, employs around 1,500 personnel and exports to more than 136 countries in 5 continents. Mitaş Energy has an annual steel processing capacity of 180,000 tons in 2 factories and annual hot dip galvanizing capacity of 290,000 tons with 5 galvanising kettles.  Mitaş Energy's expertise in turnkey projects meets growing market demands for single source contracting approaches. From design & manufacturing to supply of line materials, installation and stringing of new transmission lines and substations as well as renovation and modernization of existing ones. Products & Services Mitaş Energy has accumulate experience in the field of design manufacturing of all members, galvanizing and supplying of all kind of lattice, polygonal or mixed steel structures, bolted or welded, as needed in Overhead Lines for single, double and multiple circuit configurations and in voltages from 32kV up to 1200kV.  Mitaş Energy provide supervision services for installation and warehouse management.  1. Manufacturing: Mitaş Energy's facilities manufacture steel profiles and plates with its modern CNC machines placed in the most streamlined and efficient manufacturing layout.  Integrated manufacturing technology provides work flow from design to planning and CNC-driven fabrication, resulting in increased production rates, higher quality levels, and on-time delivery.  Mitaş Energy’s in-house manufacturing capabilities include the following :  -Angle fabrication by cutting, drilling, punching and marking from 40x4 mm to up to 300x30 mm  -I and U profile fabrication by cutting, drilling, punching and marking up to 800 mm web width and 80 mm thickness.  Mitaş Energy owns and operates galvanizing facilities which consists of 5 galvanizing kettles. These plants are equipped with efficient operating systems which provide high capacity and quality galvanised coated products.  Being the member of well-known galvaniser’s associations, Mitaş Energy closely follows and implements the recent technological improvements in the sector, which enables it to galvanise steel products in compliance with the requirements of international and national standards like ISO, EN, ASTM, BS, DIN, GOST and others.  Annual production capacity of Mitaş Energy is 180,000 tons production and 290,000 tons galvanizing.  2. Turnkey Projects: With its proven ability and capability for over 58 years Mitaş Energy manages successful turnkey projects in design, manufacture and supply of line materials for the execution of erection, testing and commissioning of new transmission lines and substations as well as renovation and modernization of existing ones. Overhead Transmission and Distribution Lines have been a primary business for Mitaş Energy since its establishment. Mitaş Energy is the able to construct transmission lines towers up to 400kV, undertaking all associated works including design, manufacturing, supply of line materials, installation, stringing and commissioning.   Among their domestic and international references are Bosphorus Straits, Crossing Lines, Overhead Transmission Lines of Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Station well as completed Projects in Turkey, Iraq and Libya. A typical scope of turnkey projects that Mitaş Energy executes for transmission lines covers the following activities: -Complete engineering and design, -Route survey and preparation of profile, -Soil investigation, -Inland transportation of plant and equipment to site, -Checking and preparing of material receiving, -Storage of plant and equipment, -Design and construction of foundations, -Tower erection, -Stringing of conductor and earth wire, -Testing and Commissioning. Mitaş Energy’s expertise in turnkey projects gives the confidence to meet growing market demands for single-source contracting approaches. 3. Research & Development Research and Development (R&D) Department’s primary goal is to develop innovative products in structural design workspace. The department is responsible for creating a cost-efficient development environment and minimizing the amount of errors which can be encountered during the design and manufacturing processes to exert minimal effort, while gaining maximum profit.  Research and Development (R&D) Group provides best quality new products and product updates through utilizing the cutting edge technology in engineering. -New Product Development The research step is a compulsory for the development phase. This is the stage when the requirements, ideas and processes are turned into products. It is compulsory that products or projects must satisfy general specifications and needs. -Existing Product Updates R&D Department is also responsible for existing product, project and process updates. R&D department reviews and update general functions of these e    
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