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Mobiles4all (M4A)

M4A closes the digital divide by connecting people –especially women– throughout Africa to mobile phones that are accessible, affordable and ethical. As a result they can better serve people living in poverty and align this new technology to people’s best interests. WHAT THEY DO They are changing lives by connecting people throughout Africa to smarter phones and life-changing apps that help people use technology to serve their best interests. Good medicine and medical care is essential for every family, but it’s hard to access in rural communities. A mobile phone can help people locate essential drugs, notify NGOs and local governments of drug stock-outs, connect people to reliable medical advice, and even be programmed to send timely reminders about important appointments for prenatal care or immunization visits for their children. With mobile connections, farmers who are looking for affordable seeds and farming supplies can easily call local suppliers to get the best price. When it comes to harvest time, they can find out the best prices at the market, and agriculture apps allow farmers to get real time farming tips and and weather alerts. Internet use throughout Africa is largely mobile, and it’s exploding throughout the continent. With cheaper connection rates and better access, 1.5 billion people are expected to join the world of mobile internet by 2020. But first, people need phones. Digital financial services is growing fast — over 10 million transactions take place each day. It will allow millions of people to take advantage of all that financial access has to offer: savings, loans, payment transfers, access to credit, and most importantly, the opportunity for economic development for families.
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