Multi-Cultural Family Base (MCFB)

Multi-Cultural Family Base is a voluntary organisation providing a range of services to vulnerable children, young people and their families. The company was founded on the 1st of March 1998 and they are based in the Leith area of Edinburgh. MCFB believes in early intervention.  This means working with children and families before problems / issues become entrenched.  They work to support children and parents dealing with important transition points- this can be the birth of  a child, the move into primary school or the move to Edinburgh for families who are new migrants. They help children and families deal with issues of identity, loss, displacement and trauma.  They know it is important that all children develop a sense of belonging and purpose in their lives. They work in partnership with families, listening to their views and adapting the practice to these views. MCFB believes passionately about issues of diversity. They work with families from a wide range of different communities, many of whom are deemed to be ‘hard-to-reach’.  They want to break down stereotypes and challenge prejudices.  They want a society that welcomes difference and diversity and they will advocate for families when they experience unfair discrimination.  In the words of Ghandi himself: ‘no culture can survive if it attempts to be exclusive’.  MCFB believes in listening carefully to children’s experiences and views and value the importance of direct work with children. MCFB believes that play is a crucial component of children’s lives and that an ability to play is a sign of positive health for children and also for adults. They value group work as a powerful tool for change and believe that groups can help children and adults find commonalities, a sense of belonging and community.  MCFB believes in a community development approach.  All of the projects have started as small pilot projects built upon a perceived or known need from working in partnership with families and other agencies. They will continue to develop new projects in response to expressed needs. They want to offer a service to families that affords time, respect, voice and understanding in often complex and difficult situations.  
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Company Offices

  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • Edinburgh
  • Multi-Cultural Family Base 50 Coburg St
  • EH6 6HE